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The travel guides at stigsguides.com are improved in design and contents. They are now tailor made for use on your smartphone, tablet or computer with one click location data, new maps and much more. They changed domain to wannasii.com, where the first guides are published. More will follow in a weekly basis.

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Stig's Magazine is a new travel magazine due early 2015 with Stigs and your own travel experiences and photos. You get it for free by signing up for the newsletter here. You can also contribute by sending text, images and full name and picture of yourself to travelstig@gmail.com. You will not receive any payment of your stories, but you can make others happy by telling them.

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Stig Albeck is the author of all travel books on this page. Stig writes as you travel, and the starting point is often the world's great cities and the experiences that are in and around them. Stig is also tour leader to destinations all over the globe, such as Australia and North America. If you have questions, pictures or good travel tips for his books, please send an email to travelstig@gmail.com.

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